Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

To commemorate Valentine's Day, I will post some pictures of me and my Valentine from our honeymoon in St. Lucia circa November 2009.  Damn, what an awesome time that was.
Downtown St. Lucia - GO DUKE!

First day there - no luggage, no sun

Pimp ass pimpin' on our balcony

Scenic overlook from our Rainforest Tour

Me and the homeless - gave him some loot, made his day

It's tough timing a self-timed portrait - still cool

We scaled a mini mountain - this was our adventurer pose

She's not drowning - she's goofing around


  1. Awesome photos. Sounds like a fun time was had by all....hopefully your luggage eventually made it since I can see the sun finally did.

  2. looks like you had an ace time. Nice pictures

  3. It would have been better if you didn't put the caption about her not drowning because then i could have imagined she was drowning and you were like "just a sec babe..." and you got the camera out before rescuing her ;)

  4. I agree w/Shelby but hey you've learned something for the next time. I love the caption: No luggage, no two don't really look like your sweatin' it too much now do 'ya, haha!?

  5. @C. Alvarez - it was awesome, and yes, it did

    @sam - ace is right

    @Shelby - yeah well we just goof around - i would have taken a picture after i rescued her, lol - where have you been?

    @thormoo - i was livid about the luggage - we just drank and smoked cigars (yes, her too) - but just that once