Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nathan Hanging Out

This is not a photo I took today, but one I found in my phone.  It's kind of funny the way dogs sit/sleep/lounge around, and this was one I wanted to share.  Nathan is our dachshund - he'll be two on April 4th.  He's the shit!
Just lounging between couches


  1. let me guess, is it an arm of a chair where each of you sits? He could be trying to make sure he's near you both, but yeah dogs and cats think some really weird crap is comfy....maybe they're on to something and we should try it out.

  2. awesome! i love the cell pics~ i would miss so many pics if not for the camera cell~

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  3. @Carla - we sometimes sit in both chairs, but i think we were both sitting on one sofa

    @Bruce - camera phones are clutch - easy to access and always there in a pinch

  4. haha - Jasper (my puggle) has started jumping up on the top of my couch and laying there ( a cat). It's ridiculous but he looks like he enjoys it.

  5. Reminds me of my cat in the ways that she would nap throughout the day in various parts of the house or on me.

    Looks mighty comfy on that chair there.

  6. @shelby - nathan loves the top of the couch too, but not so much now that we moved and the couch isn't right near the window. we have a blanekt from Ireland he thinks is his that he sleeps on

    @G - animals have some life no - eat, sleep, shit, repeat